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Tomy Baby Monitor

Ok we’ll admit it, when Percy hasn’t needed a baby monitor during the day, we’ve used it as a walky talkie. It’s great for letting someone know in the kitchen that we need an extra coffee or that there’s someone on the phone! All that aside, this truly is the best baby monitor we’ve used, within seconds it was active …

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Mobile Ease Service Review

It’s amazing that it’s not until your smartphone breaks that you realise just how much you use it. The one in question for me was an iPhone 5. I’d been sent a gooey case to review which I adored as it allowed me to stick my phone to anywhere. It made me feel like a trekky as I swiped along …

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Treat Republic Duck Watering Can

Here at The Consumer Voice Manor House it’s no secret that we adore ducks. We have seven in our garden, all looked after by our beautiful child reviewer Poppy. That’s why this Treat Republic watering can appealed to us straight away. For some that don’t love ducks as much as we do you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s a gimmick …

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Baylis and Harding Strawberries and Cream

There’s no denying that Baylis and Harding is popular, it dons the shelves of every good supermarket and sits comfortably in the luxury yet affordable price brackets. This product is no different. It seems there’s no end to their talents as now they’re bringing out a range of super fragrant, intensly rich, deeply cleansing bath treats in a range of …

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