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Our Reviewed and Approved Badge is coveted by many as products go through rigorous testing by many consumers before they are awarded this sought after accolade. Likened to the Good House Keeping Approved badge we can confidently recommend any product that has been reviewed and approved by us.

Our Kid’s Consumer Voice is the only honest review microsite on the web were real child writers write genuine reviews. All of our children adore English, have spelling that doesn’t include text speak and know the difference between a Pokemon, Yu Gi Oh and a Moshi Monster. Meet Mitchell, Poppy and Percy here…

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copywriting awardOur editor and founder Martina Mercer has been awarded the Working Mum of the Year 2014 title along with other accolades. She supplies copywriting services for many brands along with writing on eCommerce, Lifestyle, Parenting, Food, Gardening and Business for many magazines online and in print.

Customer Service

All of us here at The Consumer Voice actively review many companies every day, along with interviewing the biggest names in retail so they can have their say.

Our reviews are candid, honest, real accounts of experiences as a “normal” customer.

The main reviews fall to our lead journalist, Martina Mercer, who  often goes undercover to discover the brands that give an experience from hell and the ones that excel.

Her Hull accent, is the ideal tool for ensuring she’s treated as a general member of the public; as she often dresses down to determine whether customer service is extended to those on a budget or simply reserved for those with a little more cash.

Along with outing those who should simply do better, we also celebrate the brands that have it right. We strongly believe that customer service should not be a luxury, it should be a given extended to anyone who has money to spend, no matter how much or how little.

As we gather reviews from the public too, The Consumer Voice is set to grow even bigger, already followed by thousands across the globe, we want to make every day better by changing the way you’re treated from service providers big and small.

If providers and retailers want to escape the recession and remain on our High Streets while taking a chunk of our wage, they should realise that we hold all of the control, and by pleasing us, they’ll please their reputation, their customer loyalty and ultimately their profits.

Have your say or see the latest reviews, you can also catch them as they appear on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or WordPress. The Consumer Voice is everywhere and we’re here to be heard!

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