The True Cost of Cheap Botox

We caught up with the best Botox clinic in Hull to discuss the true cost of cheap Botox. Eve Bird is the owner of Botastic and constantly despairs at clients who ask for cheap Botox without any thought to the consequences this could pose for their face.

Botox is a trade name for a prescription drug boticilin but is often used to describe cheaper alternatives that can give disastrous results, such as moving under the skin or causing drooping of eyes. When clients seek out cheap Botox, this is often the cheapo drug they are offered but a little research would show the cost is much more than the cheap price tag.

Alongside this, many people seeking cheap Botox do so expecting to pay only for the drug in the syringe. As regulations aren’t very tight anyone can administer Botox in today’s world, which, as predicted has irreversible consequences. If you do decide on non surgical enhancements, you should be prepared to pay for the medical expertise of the Botox practitioner alongside the cost of the drug. Just as you wouldn’t just pay for the paint and canvas of a reverred piece of art, you shouldn’t expect to pay only for the syringe.

Those that do, do so at your own peril as you will find you look worse afterwards than before, not to mention the true risk of infection that could cost your life.

We asked Eve a few questions about her practice to give our readers an understanding of what they should look for when choosing a Botox clinic in Hull or throughout the rest of the world. The answers were fascinating.

How does your clinic ensure that high levels of clinical expertise and patient safety are maintained?

We have a strong commitment to client care and a level of perfectionism that we find essential to maintain. This has been a signature part of Botastic since the very beginning. We will always go beyond the book to ensure we deliver the best service, not just with the aesthetic results but with the care our clients receive. Eve Bird, our founder travels globally to train in the latest practices surrounding aesthetics, ensuring she is always up to date and able to deliver her clients an on trend service.

Botastic aesthetics has over riding operational policy, with separate polices on infection control, recording keeping, health and safety, medicine management to ensure patient safety at all times.

Eve is no stranger to the attention to detail needed in the health industry as she was in charge of setting up new primary clinics within the NHS. Cleanliness, disease control and minimising risk come naturally to Eve and a visit to the Botastic Clinic proves this.

We now have a medical director who is experienced in aesthetics should we need any assistance while Eve also now works one day per week in a larger clinic 40 miles away in York to ensure continuous clinical supervision, and to learn from other colleagues in the industry

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