Paulton’s Park Lost Kingdom Review

This week we were invited to a preview of the Lost Kingdom at Paulton’s Park. Percy (5) is obsessed with dinosaurs while Mitchell (15) has an in-depth scientific knowledge of the Jurassic age and so this was a dream come true for the family.

From the moment we stepped inside we were impressed. We met Rory the baby Raptor in a box (see our Twitter feed @1ConsumerVoice) and were bowled over by the presentation as it felt as though we’d stepped back in time.

We got straight to work trying out the myriad of rides. There was a ride to suit every taste. The big rollercoasters were fast and high for the thrill seekers, while the Jeeps provided a great tour of a dinosaur age. On the hour, a huge T-Rex was released from captivity, ready for a photo opportunity.

Lost Kingdom review 2

The brand new shiny dinosaur park was a lovely place to stop and recharge. The spongy floor meant we could leave them to play on the slides and climbing frames without worrying too much about falls and bruises. A wonderful sandpit kept babies in the shade (a must on a sunny day) while the inventive playground equipment gave everyone a chance to exercise.

Lost Kingdom Playground

We highly recommend you take a trip to Paulton’s Park as our Lost Kingdom Review gives it a full five stars! We were particularly impressed with the selection of dinosaurs, as the park didn’t stick to the usual T-Rex’s and Brontosaurs, it educated with Muttaburrasaurus and Minmis, Packelephasaurus and Diplodocus.

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Lost Kingdom


Lost Kingdom


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