The Consumer Voice bridges the gap between the retailer and the consumer. We help consumers to receive the customer service they deserve while providing invaluable advice and insights to brands, giving them the tools to deliver excellent customer care.​

 FREE Consumer Service + Insights for Brands

We’re a non profit company that first and foremost serves the consumer community as we offer free services to ensure every customer receives the service they deserve.

If you see this membership badge you know you’re shopping with one of the best providers of customer care in the UK. Only those committed to delivering excellent customer care in a changing eCommerce world are members of The Consumer Voice.

We reveal those companies that leave our members feeling less than satisfied while championing those who get it right. Good retailers join with us to work towards our benchmarks for customer service ensuring they serve you as they should. With our insights, your feedback and a retailer’s willingness to impress, The Consumer Voice aims to make shopping online and offline a better, more rewarding experience for everyone involved.

Product Reviews

product awardsOur Reviewed and Approved Badge is coveted by many as products go through rigorous testing by many consumers before they are awarded this sought after accolade. Likened to the Good House Keeping Approved badge we can confidently recommend any product that has been reviewed and approved by us.

For the Consumer

We are you, the average consumer, the normal shopper, the  regular holiday maker who spends money wisely expecting common courtesy in return. Infiltrating brands as a conventional member of the public, we see how the biggest retailers and hotels treat those with the average budget. We believe that consumers (that’s us) now hold all the power as our choice is limitless and we can easily go elsewhere. As we part with the cash that’s so hard to come by, we should expect gratitude, excellent customer care and great value for money as standard.

Unfortunately some brands and staff still believe that consumer cash is guaranteed, spoiling the whole experience for many with a lack of customer care and it’s our job to let you know who these are. They have a choice to do better or you have a choice to avoid altogether, choosing to spend your money more wisely with a service provider that cares.

We also bring you the best brands, the hotels that excel and the retailers that deserve the pennies from your purse so you can shop with confidence receiving the treatment you deserve.

Receive the latest interviews from the heads of the biggest retailers, such as John Lewis, Amazon, PayPal and More, Learn more about us, read our reviews or let us know the good and the bad of your own consumer experiences…

 For Brands

We work with some of the biggest brands in retail to enhance the customer experience. Our members are committed to continued excellence in the field of customer care. With a finger on the pulse at all times, we bring news, views and advice to those brands who really appreciate the average consumer. We connect brands and their customers in a way never seen before, allowing for incredible insights into the buyer behaviour and psychology to ensure a better marketplace for all. Meet our members and see how The Consumer Voice enhances a brand, raising the reputation while giving global coverage to new products.

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