The Ultimate Gifts for Geeks Guide

It’s no secret that we love tech here at the Consumer Voice and so it makes sense that we bring you our ultimate Gifts for Geeks Guide.

Anki Overdrive

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If it’s good enough for Captain Sparkles, it’s good enough for us. The ANKI Overdrive is absolutely awesome. This won’t be the last you see of it as we’ll be vlogging about it live but for now, trust us when we say this is 2015’s best buy. Forget the balance boards that set on fire, buy a gift that you can all play together!

Minecraft Gameband

Gameband+Minecraft – winner in Dads Choice 2015 Toy Awards is perfect for anyone who loves Minecraft.

What Mitchell says, “it’s great to take Minecraft with me as my mum doesn’t like me being on the PC too long at a time. This way I can still be involved and play but I can also do other stuff outside. My friends are quite jealous that I’ve got one this year!”

£64.99 from

Kano Computer Kit

Build Your Own Computer

Kano Computer

Kano is a computer kit designed for 6-14 year olds. It’s almost like 21st century LEGO in that you get to build the computer from scratch using simple instructions and then code any number of your own creations, from games like Minecraft to art to any device you connect it to!

With coding now in the school curriculum, it’s a really nice way for kids to build their digital skills and be inspired to create without being instructed in a classroom environment. And it’s great fun for parents to get involved with too, so is a really nice and fun Christmas gift to spend some quality time.

What our editor says, “this is an amazing gift for kids over 8 as it gives them full control over making their own computer. It’s even a great gift for an adult exploring raspberry pi and more, and I’ve stocked up to make sure all my children, nieces and nephews benefit from Kano this Christmas. In my opinion there is no better gift for kids in 2015.”

Bush Eluma B1 8″ Tablet

This is an ideal beginners tablet that won’t break the bank but still has all the functionality of an iPad. We loved it.

Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega

Preloaded with over 1000 games you can introduce a child to your very first home gaming experience. This plug and play box is small and nifty and bound to make many reminisce for the good old days. Full of your old favourites, plus some we didn’t recognise, this is the ultimate gift for geeks this Christmas.

Find yours here and enjoy the 80’s games that only Retro Computers have the rights to.

August DAB Radio

There are many DAB radios on the market right now along with Bluetooth speakers but this stood out due to the sleek white design and the obvious high quality.

Ollo Clip Lens for iPhone

The Olloclip is ideal for any wannabe photographer or instagram addict as it adds extra functionality to your phone so you can use what you have to take great pictures. The perfect accessory for those considering investing in high priced equipment but are not sure if their love of photography is a phase they’ll grow out of.

Leitz Multicharger

RAC Super HD Car Cam (Dash cam)

The RAC Dash cam is great for anyone who wants to keep an eye on the road or record goings on. Sleek and stylish it is very easy to use and comes with a lot of extra features.

Kingston 5 in 1 Mobile Companion

The Kingston Mobile Companion does more than charge your phone on the go it also adds a lot of extra functionality such as portable wi-fi and extra storage. Any mobile user would be ahppy to receive this at Christmas as it basically turns your phone into a tablet while retaining the phone’s originally features.

Thule Camera Case

The Thule camera case looks amazing and is great for protecting equipment due to the compartmentalisation and the robust design. A must for any photographer this Christmas.

Thule Go Pro Camera Case

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