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We had quite the debate in TCV Towers when this came in, just what would we use it for? Should we spy on granny at the drinks cabinet? Should we spy on bickering kids to see “who started it” or should we see what really happens in the “man cave”

We chose none of the above feeling it was an invasion of privacy but it was so simple to set up it was a shame not to put it to use. So we spied on sleeping babies and occasionally on the kitchen to see if we had any unwelcome visitors.

It’s a brilliant product and one that will really take off. This is the indoor version, already we’ve upgraded to the outdoor so we can see who’s ringing the bell before we answer it.

Here’s what Home Monitor says:

  • Connect a camera, create an account, see your stuff
  • HomeMonitor™ lets you watch live or see your recorded clips from your
  • computer or smartphone, keeping you in touch with what matters most.
  • 7 days free forever secure online cloud-based recording
  • Don’t worry about saving your footage, HomeMonitor™ does it for you, for free, with all your video clips stored securely in your own cloud-based online account. No monthly sign-up, ongoing payment, or subscription required.
  • See around the clock – 24hr
  • High quality infrared night vision
  • Indoor or outdoor, our wireless cameras come with built-in professional infrared night vision which lets you see up to 15m, even in complete darkness. What’s more, it’s automatic, so comes on when you need it! Simple!
  • Bandwidth economic so won’t kill your internet or increase your bills
  • HomeMonitor™ doesn’t use your internet bandwidth constantly like other internet-based camera systems – and only streams when you need it too. No surprise internet bills, plus better use of your bandwidth.
  •  Capture every moment with our pre-recording SmartBuffer™
  • Never miss that crucial moment – with every event captured before it even occurs. HomeMonitor™ buffers exactly what’s happening, as it happens, so footage can be saved before motion is even detected, making sure you don’t miss a thing.

Find out more about the fantastic features of HomeMonitor™ days free forever secure

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