Kitchen Appliances

Are Homes with Water Meters Pouring Money Down the Drain?

The average UK household with a water meter is at risk of pouring money down the drain, according to research carried out by e-retailer As the Government looks to roll out the scheme across the country and almost half of UK households now have water meters, every drop of water counts as it’s added to the bill. The survey has …

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Gourmet Gadgetry Popcorn Maker

When we first opened this gourmet gadgetry popcorn maker we thought it couldn’t possibly feed  family of five. All of us are addicted to snacks and popcorn is one of our favourites. We had the movie ready and the popcorn maker in the middle of the coffee table with the bowl underneath. We also had our flavourings from butter to …

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Max Sport Whirlpool Microwave

Microwave by Whirlpool

By Martina Mercer I didn’t think I used my microwave much as I was proud of avoiding microwave meals by cooking food from scratch. Then when it broke down (because I overloaded it with baked potatoes) I realised just how much I relied on it. From melting chocolate for baking to warming bread and soups and of course, starting off …

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