The Great Migration: Why More People will be Flocking to the Beautiful North

London has been the UK’s darling destination for a long time, but maybe it’s time that the rest of the UK wrestled some of the spotlight away from the English capital.

Leading cardboard box manufacturer and supplier,, are encouraging people to show support for the Beautiful North in their new campaign ‘The Great Migration’, as they predict that the balance of power is steadily shifting in the UK.

Boxes2Move’s ‘The Great Migration’ campaign echoes Chancellor George Osborne’s plan for the North, as outlined in the recent Summer Budget. Osborne’s dream is to create a ‘Northern Powerhouse’, where cities in the North become an economic force that rival the affluent South. By funding technology and innovation projects, improving transport links and devolving powers to local authorities, the Chancellor believes that Northern cities will flourish.

As a company that has always held a strong passion for the North, Boxes2Move has launched its new campaign to encourage people to realise the benefits of relocating up North. Craig Donnelly, Director of Boxes2Move commented on why Southerners who generally won’t entertain the idea of moving further north than the London Borough of Barnet should reconsider.

“The notion of a Northern Powerhouse opens up greater opportunities for people who would never normally consider moving to the North. Greater job opportunities, transport systems and cheaper house prices are attracting more people. The entire UK economy will benefit as a result of the region becoming more affluent.” he commented.

Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Newcastle and Sheffield are among the Northern cities predicted to embrace the migration boom. There are numerous reasons to relocate to one of these vibrant cities. A study by the Intergenerational Foundation recently pronounced Manchester as having the best quality of life for youngsters, as it scored highly on a combination of graduate job opportunities and house-price-to-earning ratios, while other Northern cities, Leeds, Newcastle and Sheffield, also scored highly. While London salaries currently exceed the North, the higher cost of living and the capital’s lack of available housing means that while people are earning a good income, their salaries are eaten away by extortionate rental prices and living costs.

If a lower cost of living and reduced house prices aren’t enough to persuade you to pack your bags and migrate to the Beautiful North, then the region’s cultural offerings should do the trick. Musical legends such as The Beatles, The Smiths and Oasis were born in the North, while strong links with technology and digital industries, and access to some of the finest museums, art galleries and fashion studios in the country also make the North stand out.

Chelsea may have won the Premier League in 2015, but it’s the North that has provided by far the most successful football teams in English football history. Also, the North has Super League, not that poor excuse for rugby that is played at Twickenham! To put the cherry atop the Northern cake, we have an incredible invention called chips and gravy, which guarantees to melt the hearts of even the most hardened Southerners.

“It’s grim up north,” they say. No chance!

You can read the latest guide on why you should move to the North on the Boxes2Move website here.

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