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There are many reasons why people may choose to downsize and not all of them are financially related. Although money concerns tops the list of why people choose to downsize their property, there are other motivating factors that make this a current trend and an area where most renters and homeowners have dipped their toes into.

The reasons people choose to downsize include:

  • Reducing mortgage payments or rent due to financial constraints
  • Retirement – not being able to manage and maintain a larger property
  • Release from material possessions and a simpler way of life
  • Children flying the nest, leaving empty, unused space
  • Lack of options when moving to a desirable area for school catchment or to be near family or work

Whatever the reason for downsizing, there is one company that makes moving house easier and we’ve talked to the CEO to get some downsizing tips.

GetaMover is the new moving home marketplace that makes it quick and simple to find a removals firm in your area. You can receive quotes and pitches from the best removals companies and choose who you would like to take care of your house move through the site.

All home movers are verified and reviewed and you can receive up to six quotes which you can compare based on price, reviews and distance. It’s the easiest way to move home.

GetaMover have helped many home owners and renters downsize by giving them easy access to trusted removals companies and they have some excellent downsizing tips.


Before you think of downsizing, declutter your current house, this will save you money on storage when you move and make it easier to fit your belongings into a smaller space. Bring in some help from a friend or relative if you’re having trouble letting things go. You can also take advantage of EBay and Facebook marketplace to sell items and to make some money to fund the house move. Resist the urge to take it all with you and to declutter at the new home, as this will increase your moving costs, and also give you added work when moving into a new home should be fun.

Multi Purpose Furniture

There are some ingenious furniture makers out there, along with the staples of Ikea that sell great multipurpose furniture. Something as simple as a bed with underbid storage can make all the difference. Fold down furniture from walls is also a good idea, such as tables, ironing boards, extra kitchen counters.

Make Use of the New Space

When assessing a room, identify areas where you could include built in storage. Awkward nooks and crannies are excellent as storage areas, along with unseen areas such as the top of kitchen cupboards. The more storage you have, the easier it is to keep a house tidy and organised, but remember, declutter before you move so you don’t end up using all the storage space for items you’ll never use.

Whatever your reason for downsizing, GetaMover has you covered. A new home is an adventure waiting to happen!

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