Is It Beaconing Too Much? How New Beacon Technology Makes Every Day Simpler

Here at The Consumer Voice, we always champion new initiatives to enhance the customer experience. We believe that those brands who truly care about customer care should be rewarded in the form of loyalty and profits.

One retailer we always use as a sterling example online is Amazon as they seem to have a firm handle on how to please the customer. They do this with speedy response times, great rewards and most of all, placing a trust in the customer unlike competing stores.

We have discussed before the fine line between providing the ultimate customer experience and monitoring customers a little too closely. In our surveys you told us that you really didn’t mind the collecting of data as long as it improved your shopping experience. A prime example being the recommended products on Amazon which allow you to browse with ease.

With this in mind, we thought we’d be the first to let you in on a new partnership, a new initiative, a new launch that is going to change the way you shop, dine and socialise forever.

Right now, the company name is confidential (check back soon for the reveal) but we can let you in on a few secrets about how this will impact on your everyday lifestyle.

What are Beacons?

Beacons are small gadgets that attach to a store’s wall. Bluetooth enabled they can sense when you’re 70metres away or walking through the door. With this feature you could receive updates, special offers and tempting ads as you walk down your High Street.

It doesn’t stop there though.

There are also beacon stickers that attach to products. These know when you pick up a product or are close by. The possibilities are endless but currently they are used to deliver information to your phone about the product you’re near. Such as the sizes in stock or the related items in the range.

Beacons are going to be big and they will provide the best customer experience.

How Do I Get Beacon Notifications to My Phone?

At the moment, as beacon technology is in its infancy in the UK, you need to sign up with each individual shop to enable beacon notifications. Sounds time consuming doesn’t it? It is. That’s why this confidential company has come up with a solution, just one more reason why you should check back soon.

What Will the Mystery Company Offer?

The Mystery Company will change the way you shop, browse, socialise and interact forever and that’s not an overstatement. Over 3 years in development with some of the biggest names in business behind it (including our very own Martina Mercer as the marketing director), this company has considered all angles and developed a way to connect the customer and retailer seamlessly, along with adding the ultimate convenience for every area of your lifestyle. From travel to fashion, to local events and councils, you’ll soon be able to manage your interaction with companies, brands and businesses easily for the best rewards.

Until we reveal, keep an eye out for these beacons and get ready for the new brand revolution.

About Martina Mercer

Martina Mercer is an award winning freelance digital marketer and copywriter. She founded The Consumer Voice on just £4.99 and now delivers expert consumer advice as the Consumer Voice's spokesperson on the BBC.

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