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Barclays Bank Fined £26million for Poor Treatment of Customers

Barclays Bank fined

In an incredible turn of events yesterday Barclays Bank was fined £26million for the poor treatment of small business and consumer customers that had fallen into arrears. Reading between the lines on the BBC, Telegraph and the Guardian, it seems Barclays employees harassed those that owed money while also offering solutions that didn’t take into account a customer’s financial position, ...

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Business Tax Advantages You Could Be Entitled To

As a business owner, you know that keeping tax costs low is essential. Organised book and a good accountant ensure you only pay what you owe and are not stung with a huge tax bill. Alongside saving money on tax there are some tax incentives that could help you make money too, to finance your next expansion or to put ...

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The Benefits of Amsterdam Meeting Places for Business

Amsterdam is quickly emerging as the leader in business facilities as its convenient location and clean, stunning surroundings make it ideal for companies and corporations to hold meetings and conferences. There are many reasons why Amsterdam is becoming so popular for networking events and annual meet ups and just a few include: The Price Hiring a venue in Amsterdam is ...

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Is It Time to Say Goodbye to SEO?

I caught up with Thomas Coppen of Keel-Over Marketing PPC Agency to discuss the new trends in the eSeller world. One that has rocked the boat significantly is the Penguin update from Google. Twelve months ago keyword stuffed copy could catapult a brand to the top of the search engines, no matter how poor the content. Now though we’re moving away ...

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How to Ensure You Choose a PPC Agency that Will Make You Money

PPC Agencies

I’ve been spending some time looking into PPC and PPC Agencies. I’m a marketer who tends to avoid PPC as I’ll admit, despite training with Google, I really don’t think I’ve the skills for it. It takes a lot of precision and there are very few companies out there who won’t use a client’s account to “test the market” resulting ...

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Shopping for Discounts and the Best Places to Get Them

Shopping for Discounts and the Best Places to Get Them It will surprise few people to hear that nowadays purchases need to be considered much more carefully than perhaps they would have been in the past. The UK has been hit hard in recent years with the economy failing, people losing their jobs and the prices of everything from gas ...

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Top Tips for Building Your Brand

Building your brand can be a daunting task. Your name, logo and positioning will (ideally) become inextricable from your service, this can be a thing of great beauty as a well-known brand can sell itself. We’ve put together some insider tips for building your brand as a freelancer or sole trader. Why branding? A well-known brand stands out from the ...

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Tips on Getting Paid as a Freelancer

In our new series, we’re bringing you some tips on sole trading. It’s not just business to consumer relationships that can suffer strain, business to business ones can too. This is why we’re launching some sole trader guides to help you on your way to running a successful business. Starting with these tips on getting paid as a freelancer Most ...

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Is It Beaconing Too Much? How New Beacon Technology Makes Every Day Simpler

Here at The Consumer Voice, we always champion new initiatives to enhance the customer experience. We believe that those brands who truly care about customer care should be rewarded in the form of loyalty and profits. One retailer we always use as a sterling example online is Amazon as they seem to have a firm handle on how to please ...

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Visualsoft – What Your Store Needs to Survive Online

By Martina Mercer At the Consumer Voice we deal with a lot of PR and marketing companies, most of whom are very nice indeed and do a wonderful job promoting their client’s products. Occasionally we deal direct with the product inventor or the founder of a new eCommerce store and worry a little that they may be trying to do it ...

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