GovUK Scam Promises to Save Money on Heating Bills

scam text government

A new scam text is telling people they can claim a discount on their energy bills

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GetaMover Make Downsizing Easy


There are many reasons why people may choose to downsize and not all of them are financially related. Although money concerns tops the list of why people choose to downsize their property, there are other motivating factors that make this a current trend and an area where most renters and homeowners have dipped their toes into. The reasons people choose …

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Energy Differences Between Radiators – Which is Best?

As the nights draw darker, there’s one subject on everyone’s mind. Energy costs. It seems these rise year after year and we’re quite powerless to do much about it. Would changing your radiators help with costs? As there are now many designer radiators on the market, it can be beneficial for the aesthetics of the home, as well as the …

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The Housing White Paper – What It Means for The Housing Market

Naomi Heaton, CEO of London Central Portfolio, comments on the Government’s Housing White Paper: In Brief: With only 163,940 housing completions in England in 2015-16, the Government is a long way off the target of providing 1m new homes by 2020, promised by David Cameron. Not only do we have a housing crisis to meet right now, there is projected …

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Are Homes with Water Meters Pouring Money Down the Drain?

The average UK household with a water meter is at risk of pouring money down the drain, according to research carried out by e-retailer As the Government looks to roll out the scheme across the country and almost half of UK households now have water meters, every drop of water counts as it’s added to the bill. The survey has …

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The Great Migration: Why More People will be Flocking to the Beautiful North

London has been the UK’s darling destination for a long time, but maybe it’s time that the rest of the UK wrestled some of the spotlight away from the English capital. Leading cardboard box manufacturer and supplier,, are encouraging people to show support for the Beautiful North in their new campaign ‘The Great Migration’, as they predict that the …

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Roofing company director given 12 year ban for exploiting older people

Phillip Christopher Twose, the sole director of Newlook Roof Coatings Limited (Newlook) in Monmouth, has been disqualified for 12 years for causing the company to target vulnerable customers using coercive and misleading selling practices.  The disqualification follows collaboration between the agency, Trading Standards, HM Revenue and Customs and the Health and Safety Executive.  Mr Twose (62) was banned from managing …

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Renewing a Tenancy Agreement after a 10 Year Break

Renewing Tenancy Agreement after More than 10 Years Break Question: My husband and I have lived in a rented room of a shared house for almost twenty years now. Only in the first year did we sign an Assured Short-term Tenancy Agreement. The Landlord did not bother to keep the agreement up to date for reasons not known to us. …

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