Kid’s Dining

Gourmet Gadgetry Popcorn Maker

When we first opened this gourmet gadgetry popcorn maker we thought it couldn’t possibly feed  family of five. All of us are addicted to snacks and popcorn is one of our favourites. We had the movie ready and the popcorn maker in the middle of the coffee table with the bowl underneath. We also had our flavourings from butter to …

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Top Tips for Encouraging Children to Try New Foods

When a child clamps their mouth shut and refuses to eat anything but their favourite spaghetti or pushes their plate away, determined not to eat the “yucky” food offered parents everywhere despair. While the firm “you’ll eat what you are given” ideal works brilliantly with some other children are less comfortable trying new foods. These tried and tested methods will …

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Little Helper Cooking Pod

Little Helper Cooking Pod Review At home all three children have been brought up cooking with me. Many friends look on in despair as I ignore the mess and let the kids pull up a chair. My nine year old and thirteen year old can now follow a recipe and cook with very little mess however my two year old …

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