Top Toys for Christmas 2015 (Ages 3-8)

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We want to help you make those little faces light up on Christmas morning and so we’ve only chosen those toys that will do just that.

Top Toys for Christmas 2015

Lego Elves

The new Lego Elves theme includes all you need to delight boys and girls along with some adults too. A touch of magic, some unicorns and Pegasus, secret hideouts and fairy dust. A wonderful idea from Lego and one that is an absolute delight for both genders.

Thomas Shipwrecked

If you’ve watched Nickolodeon this year you will have seen this track advertised before any Peppa Pig. Sturdy and easy to put together it’s a great set as a first train set and perfect for little hands, while the twisty turvy rails add extra excitement. Bound to be a favourite as kids and adults play together on Christmas Day.

Thomas shipwrecked

Leappad Reader

Doc McStuffin Lego Duplo

A wonderful set that ticks lots of boxes from doctor role play to TV characters to Lego. Our little ones loved it and so did the older children. A must for any girl (or boy) this Christmas.

Doc McStuffin lego

on the same Duplo theme but with a Disney twist we also love,

Sophia the First Lego Duplo

Build and explore the DUPLO Disney Sofia the First™ Royal Castle with Sofia, Princess Amber and Clover the rabbit.  Princess fun and magical surprises await around every corner. Accessories include golden magic wands, sleeping blankets, treasure chest, jewel brick and crest, chandelier and windows with decorated bricks.

Leap Reader

Still the best interactive toy for encouraging young ones to read independently. This year it has new books such as Sophia the First above. A must for any child between the ages of 3 and 6.

LeapReader is the perfect gift if you’re looking for a complete system to help children with their reading, writing and listening skills.

Touch the pen to LeapReader books to hear the words read aloud and sound out the words, or use the special no- mess paper to practise letters, numbers and words with stroke-by-stroke guidance. LeapReader even plays vocabulary building games, and the fun character voices, sound effects and activities all help with comprehension skills.

With over 40 educator approved books, apps and activity sets, including some of your children’s favourite characters, like Nemo and the cast of Cars, LeapReader is the ideal system that will keep children learning and having fun at every reading stage.

leap frog

Little Extras and Stocking Fillers

Kill Boredom with Travel Kits

If you’re travelling to family this Christmas these little stocking fillers are ideal to keep children entertained in the car. We all loved them and now don’t do a journey without them!

The Crazy Scientist 20 Amazing Science Tricks Collection – £6.50, 6+

Tired of the same old magic tricks? Well, The Purple Cow and 2 mad Scientists have joined together to create 4 tins that are each filled with 20 amazing science tricks. You will be amazed while playing with the Indoor Science, the Magic of Science, the Five Senses or Young Researchers 20 amazing science trick cards. Each set of cards enables your child to perform an amazing experiment (adult supervision is required) using things you already have in or around your home. Each card contains instructions for the experiment along with a picture and simple yet scientific explanation. All magic tricks are designed for kids ages 6 and up. Each magic trick card set comes in a metal storage tin. With this collection you will receive the following 4 titles: The Five Senses, The Magic of Science, Indoor Science and Young Researchers. Ages 6 and Up Adult Supervision Required

The crazy scientist
The crazy scientist

20 Things that are Fun to Do – £6.50, 5+

A series of activity cards in a designed tin box– each set includes 20 brilliant ideas and games. Each design includes 20 cards.

·         When you’re bored: Having a friend over and don’t know what to do? It’s raining outside and you can’t go out? 20 fresh ideas to keep you busy

·         With your grandparents: Take the quality time with your grandparents to the next level with these tailored activities!

·         On the way: Who said driving in the car must be boring? Let the fun begin with these 20 great ideas and games for the road.

20TTD When You're Bored

If these don’t provide enough inspiration take a look back at last year’s top toy from The Consumer Voice!

What on Earth Wall Books

What on Earth? Wallbook Timelines.  Designed for curious children aged 7 to 16, each title feature an illustrated pull-out timeline which chronologically recounts every pivotal event that’s ever happened since the dawn of time on that particular subject.   The Wallbooks are available in 5 titles – Science, Nature, History, Sport and Shakespeare and available from the National Hiostory Museum.
They are the perfect present for parents who want to give their children, niece, nephew, friends kids a fascinating and useful gift that they can keep referring to right through school years of KS2 and 3  – much more fun than your average information book.
Children reading the Wallbook of Sport


A Look Back at the Top Toys of 2014

1. Baby Doctor

We love Baby Doctor and all the accessories that come with her. You’ll find she instantly becomes a favourite of your toddler’s. The diagnostic laptop and baby doctor bed will also see a lot of action. Every teddy in the Consumer Voice offices (and there are a lot) had their temperature checked and recorded by Baby Doctor. Forget Doc Mc Stuffins there’s a new doc in town! Find out more at

2. Role Play Tins

Staying on the doctor theme we think these are our favourite stocking fillers, ever. In one small, very attractive tin, you find everything you need for role play. We loved the doctor’s set and the pirate, but most of all we loved the obvious quality. They really are sturdy and unlike a lot of toys this year, they do look and feel as though they could be passed down through the generations. They’re also incredibly affordable. Many of our team are actually going back for more! Find them at


3. Loom Bands Complete Set

Loom bands are still all the rage and this full set is not only quite cheap it has everything a loomer needs. It’s also HUGE don’t let the image fool you this is one heavy large gift. You’ll find it creates lots of curiosity before the day, that’s if you have space under the tree for it.


4. Tornado Maker

We love a bit of science here at TCV can you tell we tend to stay away from technology? When it comes to toys we want ones that let us play too! In fact this tornado maker is so cool, the adults played with it before the children, we love it and know you will too!

TCVTornado maker

5. Playmobile Ark

This is huge and has every animal you need to have hours of fun and role play. It’s bound to be a firm favourite on Christmas Day. Playmobile are coming out with some excellent toys lately and many have special offers on such as the school yard which is half price at Home Bargains. For toys that get the imagination flowing you can’t go far wrong with Playmobile.


6. Tobar Haynes Manual

Ok, this maybe more for the adult kid in your life but it really is a fantastic concept. The book allows you to build your very own double decker bus. Great for sending to friends overseas, as not only does it have a British feel, it’s also easy to post. We suggest you keep an eye on Tobar as they have some really great stocking fillers, this is just one example of those.

Make Your Own Pony
Simple sewing kit to make a soft pony that’s ideal for beginners. All of the felt pieces come pre-cut in the shapes necessary to complete the project. Follow the easy instructions and sew the pieces together using the needle and thread included in the set. The box contains felts, thread, yarns, buttons, ball lace, googly eyes, a needle and stuffing.
Crafty Books 
Selection of 11 books with different skills including Fashion Designer Activity book that’s packed with fashion design tips and advice. The book comes with a colour wheel to help match skin colour and hair tones to different coloured clothes as well as a selection of clothing stencils for designing new looks and outfits. The first half of the book helps the reader match the outfit stencils to different fashions, whereas the second half of the book is filled with blank templates ready to be dressed up and styled. Other themes include Dinosaur, Magic Tricks, Nail Art, Juggle, Balloon Modelling

7. Make Your Own Chocolate Pizza

If you’re really stuck for ideas, pop over to our sister site Sunday Woman for more Christmas gift guides or see this website, . We popped over and found this make your own chocolate pizza kit which was a huge hit!
 For more gift guides see our sister site, Sunday Woman.


Check back soon or in the meantime, see others we’ve reviewed for this Christmas

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