Rainbow Loom

ABC Zone sent us along a rainbow loom, as they told us it was the best arts and craft toy for girls at the moment. We handed it over to Poppy to see what she thought of this new fad.

Poppy, a 9 year old girl, did a full circuit of the room in glee. Apparently everyone at school had a Rainbow Loom and she proceeded to show friendship bracelets her friends had made using one.

With all the instructions and YouTube tutorials it wasn’t long before she’d made quite a collection, as it’s currently half term, she’s hoping to make one for every member of her class. Her big brother meanwhile sees the profit potential and has advised her to sell them for pocket money instead.

In a world flooded with Minecraft, Nintendo and social networking, Rainbow has managed to carve a place in the playground and become the next big thing. For this we salute it.

Our award for best toy of the month goes to Rainbow Loom but they must be aware this would not have been won if it wasn’t for ABC Zone putting the toy forward.

Now we have a good connection with ABC Zone we’ll be welcoming them on site to give us some great parenting advice.

Of course, they sell all the kit for the Rainbow Loom on their website and their customer service gets our reviewed and approved badge too.

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