Great Gifts for GrandParents

If this year’s John Lewis ad is making you feel guilty about your parents being alone, first, invite them for Christmas and then treat them to one of our great gifts for when they need to return to an empty house.

They should thank you for it!

Of course this will never replace time spent with your loved ones but it may just make them smile and feel loved when you can’t be there yourself. Here are our pick of the best gifts for grandparents this Christmas.

Plug and Play Alarm System

Designed with the more style conscious in mind, the ‘Smanos W100’ won’t look out of place in a stylish apartment or family house thanks to its modern innovative design. The entire system can be controlled via smartphone app commands, compatible with both Apple and Android devices, ensuring you have complete control, and visual confirmation right at your fingertips within a few short minutes. The ‘Smanos W100’ is a versatile modular system which can be expanded to support longer term security needs, making it a very flexible and attractive option to many including any residential setting, student dwelling, holiday home, private landlord or small office environment.

UK Retail from £159.95

Fake TV

Whilst some consumers are intimidated by the cost of getting a professional security system installed, owners of FakeTV, a TV simulator that imitates the light patterns of a real television, are reassured that their homes will deter the attention of possible burglars for a fraction of the cost. FakeTV visual intruder/burglar deterrent makes burglars think owners are home watching TV by simulating the appearance of an active television set

FakeTV can be purchased from Maplin stores nationwide for just £24.99 – a small fee to pay for a safer Christmas. Statistics show that 90% of intruders will not enter a property they think is occupied – making FakeTV the perfect yet cost effective solution to a safe and happier home.

Preloaded Kindle

Roku Streaming Stick

The Roku streaming stick is a great gift for the grandparent who doesn’t want to commit to sky or virgin TV. No subscriptions and you can set it up within minutes when you visit.

CEWE Advent Calendar

This is a great personalised gift to send across the miles, that’s if the grandparents can bring themselves to opening it. You can upload any picture for the front and choose the chocolates you would like inside. A great present that will bring a smile every day throughout December until you get together on Christmas Day.

Moochies Watch and Phone

The Moochies Watch and Phone is such a great invention that we believe it deserves a place here along with in our great gifts for kids. We’re blown away by this and it was exactly what we were looking for to keep an eye on our own kids when we’re in the office. It connects you easily through a really cool watch that the kids seem to love as it’s akin to an iWatch. It adds an extra layer of security while putting your mind at rest. We love it. We really love it. There’s no reason it can’t be used to keep an eye on an elderly relative too.

Alba Mobile Phone

With a dual SIM, FM Radio, VGA Camera and a 2.8″ screen this simple phone is ideal for a grandparent who shies away from technology. We love it. It’s also ideal for a child’s first phone as it’s so easy to use and won’t break the bank. An absolute must have for anyone who is finding their feet in a connected world.

White Hot Hair Care

This range is incredible in that it appreciates white and grey hair and works with it to create lustrous shine and health. Any grandparent will love you for it.

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