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It’s amazing that it’s not until your smartphone breaks that you realise just how much you use it. The one in question for me was an iPhone 5. I’d been sent a gooey case to review which I adored as it allowed me to stick my phone to anywhere. It made me feel like a trekky as I swiped along with two hands.

Anyhow, when putting some dishes away, Mitchell came across my phone and thought he’d put it where I wouldn’t be able to miss it. This was on the kitchen window above the sink.

Later as I was washing up i found myself with a wet scouring pad in one hand and a bubbly iPhone in the other. My iPhone had sat in water for over an hour.

It’s no secret that our relationship with Mobile Ease has now developed into a mutual business relationship however at the point of contact I’d never heard of them before. I’d simply searched for iPhone repairs on Google and found I could send it off to be repaired.

I gave them a call first and they advised me to remove the sim card and to take the phone apart to dry out. They said this could in some instances fix it altogether but if it wasn’t usable in 24 hours then to send it along.

Indeed I could use it but it was really slow and obviously still had a fault so first I rang Apple to see what they could do. They said they could repair it for a fee. A HUGE fee. So I sent it to Mobile Ease. Within 48 hours it was back and as good as new.

It cost less than £50

The sim card I used in an older phone so I didn’t miss out on anything.

That’s why they’ve received this reviewed and approved badge and why we’re proud to call them a certified member.

The best products receive our reviewed and approved badge
The best products receive our reviewed and approved badge

They take customer service to a new level, offering convenience speed and friendliness as standard. I’m proud to promote them across the Consumer Voice now as like any advertisers we choose, we are certain they’ll give you a great service too.

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