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GovUK Scam Promises to Save Money on Heating Bills

There’s a new text scam that’s promising to save you money on heating bills. It asks you to click a link from the website (it doesn’t lead you to the website) to make your claim. This is entirely fraudulent and will either give your phone a virus or will collect information to steal your identity. Please don’t fall for it.

How Do I Claim a Discounted Energy Bill?

You don’t need to do anything. Your electric and gas company will be in touch with your next bill. On this, they will tell you if you’re eligible for the government discount. For example, a person with an energy bill of £200 per month is eligible for a discount of £50 per month. They will apply this discount to your next bill.

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What If My Energy Company Doesn’t Apply the Discount?

Get in touch with your provider if they don’t apply the discount or don’t tell you you’re eligible in your next communication with them.

What Other Financial Help Can I Get to Help With the Cost of Living?

If you’re claiming Universal Credit, PIP, Tax Credits, Pension Credit, you’ll receive two payments this year. You should have received the first for £324. The second will be paid in the autumn. This is very vague and haven’t yet published a date but it should be before Christmas.

Many of us are desperate right now, which is why we’re falling for scams that promise to help. Please do be aware, as things can always get worse, especially if someone gains access to your bank account!

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