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Is It Time to Say Goodbye to SEO?

I caught up with Thomas Coppen of Keel-Over Marketing PPC Agency to discuss the new trends in the eSeller world. One that has rocked the boat significantly is the Penguin update from Google. Twelve months ago keyword stuffed copy could catapult a brand to the top of the search engines, no matter how poor the content. Now though we’re moving away …

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Companies Aren’t Taking Consumer’s Privacy Seriously

New White Paper Looks At How GDPR Will Impact both Business and Consumers DST (NYSE: DST), a global provider of specialised technology, strategic advisory, and operations outsourcing to the financial and healthcare industries, and DataIQ, a specialist in data governance, research, and audit, today released the first in a series of white papers addressing the potential impact of upcoming General …

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Moonpig Have the Opportunity to Excel – Will They Take It?


Summary: Martina Mercer, marketing director of Money Mate, explains how the recent furore surrounding Moonpig could end up being beneficial for the brand as long as they toe the line… There are a lot of angry customers right now who are shooting down Moonpig on social media, and venting their frustrations to anyone who will listen. The reason? Moonpig’s failed …

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50% of eCommerce website problems unidentified

ecommerce website problems

50% of eCommerce website problems are undetected by major UK and US brands due to lack of visibility of the customer experience, according to research launched today by User Replay.  Key retail stats: ·         90% of retailers admit they could improve their Online Customer Experience via desktops; 84% say the same for mobile ·         Only 19% of retailers are able …

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The Fashion Sites with the Best User Experience

The Fashion Sites with the Best User Experience As fashion week approaches I’m sure I’m not the only one that is tempted to update my wardrobe. Working during daylight hours I usually browse online. Sometimes, with lesser known sites, this can actually take a lot of time as clunky checkout processes and missing information make it all a confusing experience. …

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Is It Beaconing Too Much? How New Beacon Technology Makes Every Day Simpler

Here at The Consumer Voice, we always champion new initiatives to enhance the customer experience. We believe that those brands who truly care about customer care should be rewarded in the form of loyalty and profits. One retailer we always use as a sterling example online is Amazon as they seem to have a firm handle on how to please …

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A Silly Mistake Easily Sorted with Wrong Fuel Expert

Wrong fuel in car

Although it seems old fashioned to mention that women are treated differently in the automotive industry, sadly it’s true. Most of us have experienced the greasy mechanic that rubs his forehead as he makes up a price for fixing our car. Myself, no matter how controversial it may seem, I have experienced this a lot and it’s one of the …

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