Different Easter Gifts for Adults and Kids

Every year we look out for unusual and different Easter gifts that are a break for the norm. There are lots of children and adults that are not keen on chocolate (or are lactose intolerant) and so we bring you the best we’ve found as alternatives. We can’t promise our list will always be chocolate free but there are some great gifts for children and adults.

I’ve Lost My Name!

This is a wonderful book for children who are learning to read. Even older children will enjoy searching the world for the letters of their own name. It takes just a minute to personalise with your child’s name and delivery is very quick, considering the bespoke publishing.

You can find yours at: Lost My Name

Lost My Name


Choc on Choc

Move over Ferrero there’s a new innovative chocolatier in town and their name is Choc on Choc. These delightful Easter treats, from the golden egg to the bunny bum with carrots, not only look amazing but actually taste delicious. (We know, we tried them). For anyone serious about their chocolate, forget the supermarket and discover Choc on Choc instead.

Chocolate rabbit and carrots

Bobux Bunny Shoes

These soft leather shoes mould to your baby’s feet and are suitable up to age 5! They are quite amazing. The cute bunny design will delight all year round while these are perfect for stepping into the garden and doing an Easter egg hunt this spring.

Bobux Soft Sole - light purple Rabbit

Find them at www.bobux.com

The Smell of Spring

Yankee candle have released some new Easter scents and our favourite is the Bunny Cake. Fresh but sweet this puff of candy floss is sure to delight anyone who has a love of scented candles.

2015 Yankee Candle Bunny Cake Large Jar £21.99

Make it Cheep

Little live pets have brought out a series of birds that can sing and interact allowing your little ones to collect the set and to build a whole avery. We especially love the mummy and baby duck, they’re cute and seem to have personality while being a great gift for Easter this spring.

The Happy Hunt of Haribo

Haribo have expanded on their Easter range with full Easter egg hunt packs and very generously filled tubs of mini sweets. We love the chick and egg pack with stickers for the hunt and were pleasantly surprised by just how many packs were in the Haribo Easter Bucket!

If you have a favourite you’ve received for Easter, please let us know and we’ll make sure we give it a shout out over social media!

A Week’s Supply of Fresh Produce

What better way to say I love you than with a week’s supply of fresh produce? Barefaced groceries provide great packs of fruit for delivery but we especially love their weekly shop box. This includes meat and vegetables for a week, all fresh and all exceedingly yummy! You can see our first review on Youtube or the banana bread recipe we made from the bananas. We’re quite obsessed with Barefaced Groceries!

Banana Drizzle cake recipe with Barefaced groceries
Banana Drizzle cake recipe with Barefaced groceries

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