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The Consumer Voice – What’s in it For You?

The Consumer Voice has changed we’re now a fully interactive site that allows customer comments and chats between registered retailers and our reviewers.

The reviewed and approved badge is seen in the eCommerce world as being as valuable as the Good Housekeeping Approved badge!

We have our gift guides, our product reviews and our free consumer service that has seen us nominated for many awards as the best contribution to consumer communities. We also bring you the latest consumer and retailer news along with research, statistics and opinions and views.

Our forums are completely interactive whereas as our giveaways are generous. Our unique approach to connecting the consumer and the retailer has seen us rise in popularity incredibly while bringing those brands involved incredible insights and marketing opportunities that please their target market.

The gift guides are trusted as we are a non-profit company. We earn nothing from advertising, sponsorship or promotions as we promise to remain unbiased at all times. Unlike other review sites, this unbiased approach means we bring the best reviews and remove the risk for those shopping online.

We thoroughly test every product we review in real everyday settings. This means that as a non-profit company we can’t return any goods as we can’t afford the expense of replacement should the product become damaged in our care.

Our brands understand that the cost of a product costs considerably less than the eminence of appearing on a trusted site, along with the media and marketing opportunities and customer generations through twitter and Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

We do have to receive products and use them before we can give a recommendation, this is part of our ethos and the reason we can confidently claim we offer to “remove the risk of shopping online”.

The cost of advertising with us through product reviews is nil. The companies that have more than one product receive their own designated manufacturer’s page. We make no profit and often giveaway products in our big giveaways.

You don’t have to be a member or register to benefit from any of the above, all you have to do is get in touch and send us the products you would like the most exposure for.

Product Reviews

If you have a product you’d like to submit for review please send it to our office address below:

F.A.O. Martina Mercer

Little Potheridge Farm, Merton, Devon, EX20 3DW

We look forward to working with you.

Our User Statistics

Our unique users per month are currently a modest 10,639 yet this is rising considerably on a daily rate. We have a readership currently of over 20,000 and fully expect to triple this by 2014.

Our Awards and Accreditations

We are used for research for the consumer by a number of publications including Yahoo! News, Daily Mail, Survey Compare and many more. The Guardian have recently championed us as a best business.

Our editor Martina Mercer has won no less than 11 awards for copywriting, marketing, journalism, freelancing and blogging on beauty, products and lifestyle.

We are proud to be a top ten winner of the Microbusiness Awards. We’re a finalist for the MyFaceMyBody Awards and a finalist for the Best Contribution to the Community Awards for Star Radio.

We’ve also been nominated many times for customer service awards such as the Wow awards and receive accreditation monthly from ecommerce awards currently at silver status.

Your Benefits as a Retailer/Product Provider

You receive many benefits when sending your products to us to review. No matter what the cost of the product the rewards considerably outweigh this tiny investment.

When we approve a product you will receive:

  • Social Media acclaim as we tweet, share and pin to thousands of users and followers
  • Your own designated product page where users can review or add you to their wish list – you can then log in and converse or see who wants to buy your products
  • Your own favourable review that stays until your product is no longer for sale
  • An original review from the child reviewers if it falls into the category
  • Possible mentions in the press in our own media coverage
  • Your own manufacturers page where you can update details and let our consumers know about developments
  • A reviewed and approved badge that you can use on your packaging, website, business cards
  • A chance to win a gold award every year
  • A chance to attend a networking event (subject to membership
  • Product picture that are stylised showing your products in real home environments.

Moving Onto Brand Membership

We’re offering retailer membership that allows retailers to gain incredible insights into buyer behaviour, gives marketing tips and advice and helps ecommerce to meet The Consumer Voice benchmarks for customer service and product quality. Already we have high profile members such as Tomy and Waitrose.

Those that join receive unlimited benefits, not least the exposure and accreditation of being able to show customers that they take customer care seriously and strive to improve everyday based on consumer feedback – the proof of which will be in the form of a prominent Consumer Voice badge.

Brand Membership

Our memberships are open to retailers serious about marketing and improving their customer care, they offer a range of features that promise to boost sales, bring custom and allow you to step inside your demographics minds giving you better tools to sell.

With tips to increase conversions, strategies guaranteed to work and exclusive insights that put you ahead of the competition, we work with you to improve your customer satisfaction rates and to spread the word that you’re conscientious about giving the consumer exactly what they want.

Bringing you updates, unlimited advice and networking events to boost business, you’ll also receive our badge to show you’re working towards benchmarks that satisfy The Consumer Voice’s passion for excellence in customer care.

The membership for retailers will go live in 2014 and has varying degrees of fees depending on the amount of employees you have. To become a member please register your interest with us at

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