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Believe it or not we don’t like posting bad reviews and we do think long and hard before doing it. We also take into consideration the customer care we receive if we do come across a faulty product and give the retailer every chance to redeem themselves and to show us why their product is so great or even tell us how they plan to improve it. In this particular case, it’s taken a full year and one month for us to finally spill the beans, a year and one month of emails and correspondence that has been stressful to say the least.

We’re just relived it was us and not a regular customer as no one deserves treatment like this and it’s because of the customer care that we urge you to stay well away.

Over a year ago I purchased the HP Envy laptop. With a life that’s always on line, I paid a little more for the features it claimed to have. Of course I bought office for business and installed it immediately and then I used it just a couple of times before the screen looked like this:

HP Envy Review


This was within a month, so of course I contacted the retailer to return it for a refund, they directed me to the manufacturer and told me they would sort it out.

This started a year of headaches. At first, they accused us of damaging the laptop. It had been sat in a workspace that had CCTV. The CCTV showed it being closed without fault and then opened the next day with the fault. No one touched it or even moved it. Despite this they continued to call us liars and said we’d have to pay for the damage.

As this happened, you got in touch and we received over 32 complaints with pictures like these (this is a genuine member’s photograph – copyright is now The Consumer Voice).

HP envy review


They said, probably because we were the Consumer Voice, that as a goodwill gesture they will repair it for free. This process was actually seamless with the delivery drivers understanding the importance of customer care.

We removed all files and photos as we were told documents could be lost.

We then received the “fixed” product.  The repair ticket stated a manufacturing fault with the hinge that lead to a broken screen. I asked for an apology for the accusations they blatantly refused to give one. Seriously.

Then on opening the laptop I realised the new screen hadn’t been glued correctly in place. It had a gap. It was still usable though and being fed up by now I decided to use it. Until I found the hard drive missing making it absolutely useless. Couldn’t save a document, open a document, open a webpage, nothing as all the drivers were gone. It was in a worse condition than if restored to factory settings. I’ve actually never seen any PC or laptop with those basic functions wiped before.

Naturally I complained and was told I could get advice which would cost a lot of money, about £1 per minute. I declined. It was then offered for free. I failed to see how a voice on the end of the phone could fix a hole in the laptop and bring back Microsoft word along with all the drivers when it wouldn’t even run a disc or a programme. I’d had enough.

I wanted a refund. I’d lost complete faith in the laptop and knew even if the drivers were somehow restored I’d have to pay over £100 for business office again and I’d be forever on tender hooks as the screen or entire laptop could go at any time, not what you need when you’re a writer!

The customer care got worse and refusing to give a last name the man in question was rude, derogatory and very obnoxious. He was a disgusting excuse for a customer care representitive and one I would lose sleep over if he represented my companies. All of us at The Consumer Voice were in shock by how wrong HP as a brand could get customer care. It didn’t stop there! Despite evidece to the contrary he continued to call me a liar and he point blank refused a refund. Every reply took him 8 solid weeks, the reason this has gone on for over a year. And of course, as soon as the warranty was up I received an email to say, “we are not obliged to do any more”. Fraud, theft, slander, all rolled into a neat little caustic ball.

All the while we were still receiving images like this:

HP Envy Cracked SCreen

There’s a lot more and a lot of evidence we’ll be using against them in court but they’ve wasted enough time and caused enough stress.

We are still in possession of a laptop that doesn’t work and is now out of the warranty period. You’d have thought a company this big would know how to treat customers. They don’t. They actually flouted over 5 customer laws.


Please stay away and if you’ve had a bad experience with any HP product please let us know.


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