Treat Republic Duck Watering Can

Here at The Consumer Voice Manor House it’s no secret that we adore ducks. We have seven in our garden, all looked after by our beautiful child reviewer Poppy.

That’s why this Treat Republic watering can appealed to us straight away. For some that don’t love ducks as much as we do you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s a gimmick but it actually has multiple uses for the busy mum.

Gardening is a luxury at the Manor and one we squeeze in whenever we can. With three children and plenty of animals, we don’t have time for sorting everything in neat tidy racks. We like to call it shabby chic, others call it lived in, with all our flowers and plants it’s certainly not a mess.

That said, the watering can is always positioned close to the outside tap. Conveniently placed for filling up the rabbits water and topping up the hanging baskets. When it’s windy it blows across the garden and makes the lawn look untidy as green plastic has never been aesthetically pleasing in any home.

This however looks great regardless of the weather and we’re actually looking forward to seeing it age! Not only that, although it’s not marketed as such, the children love it and like to carry it with them wherever they go.

It definitely deserves our reviewed and approved badge.

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