Children’s Food

Allergen Free Banana Bread is a Game Changer

Creative Nature Banana Bread

This banana bread from Creative Nature is a game changer. Free of the top 14 allergens it's delicious without doubt

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Top Tips for Encouraging Children to Try New Foods

When a child clamps their mouth shut and refuses to eat anything but their favourite spaghetti or pushes their plate away, determined not to eat the “yucky” food offered parents everywhere despair. While the firm “you’ll eat what you are given” ideal works brilliantly with some other children are less comfortable trying new foods. These tried and tested methods will …

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Oxo Toddler Cups

The snack cup is the best invention for toddlers we’ve seen for a while. Percy loves to keep grapes in it and will carry it around upside down everywhere she goes. The carpet stays clean but she always has her snacks on hand.. highly recommended.

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Kleeneze Easter Egg Moulds

As you know we’re keen bakers  and with Easter approaching naturally our baking veers towards chocolate and eggs. Considering something different this year we searched for ways to make egg cake pops only to find a real egg shell and a syringe was needed. Then we came across this silicon mould from Kleeneze and our prayers were answered. Bright fun, …

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