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How to Ensure You Choose a PPC Agency that Will Make You Money

PPC Agencies

I’ve been spending some time looking into PPC and PPC Agencies. I’m a marketer who tends to avoid PPC as I’ll admit, despite training with Google, I really don’t think I’ve the skills for it. It takes a lot of precision and there are very few companies out there who won’t use a client’s account to “test the market” resulting …

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How Will Virtual Reality Affect Businesses?

It wasn’t so long ago that we attended the RBTE and spoke to retail technology experts about the advancements while discussing the demise of the bricks and mortar store. This, investigation and discussion was held with the internet in mind, with data, analytics and automatic customer service. Now, there’s a new boy in town and it’s set to take businesses …

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Top Tips for Building Your Brand

Building your brand can be a daunting task. Your name, logo and positioning will (ideally) become inextricable from your service, this can be a thing of great beauty as a well-known brand can sell itself. We’ve put together some insider tips for building your brand as a freelancer or sole trader. Why branding? A well-known brand stands out from the …

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Visualsoft – What Your Store Needs to Survive Online

By Martina Mercer At the Consumer Voice we deal with a lot of PR and marketing companies, most of whom are very nice indeed and do a wonderful job promoting their client’s products. Occasionally we deal direct with the product inventor or the founder of a new eCommerce store and worry a little that they may be trying to do it …

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