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The Leesa Mattress Review

We’ve been reviewing mattresses and seeing if they live up to their claims. Do you really need to only buy one for life? Do they really support every joint while being soft and comfortable too? What is better, memory foam or springs, or should we choose a combination? Some have readily agreed to let us test these for ourselves. Leesa …

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Money Mate Review and Award

The Consumer Voice Award

Money Mate Review There’s one new kid on the block that is offering customers a chance to save and earn money on everyday products. Simply through sharing their site with friends you can save up to 100% on popular bills such as broadband, home insurance, gas, electricity and telecoms. It sounds too good to be true but it really isn’t. …

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The Gro Company Grows Up

If you’ve had a baby in the last 7 years you probably already own a Gro Company product. Their high quality sleeping bags for babies provide the ultimate safe, cosy and soft sleeping environment for little ones. They eliminate nuisances such as covers falling off and for panicky parents, like me, they put minds at rest knowing the cover can’t …

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APEX M800 Gaming Keyboard Review by Teen Gamer

I think that the apex m800 is a great keyboard it feels nice to use and it doesn’t make as much noise as other mechanical keyboards. It is great for gamers as it logs every touch no matter how slight so that you can play to the best of your ability. Editor’s Note:  We’ve had such great feedback on the …

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Our Car Safety Feature Concludes with a Look at the Diono Montery 2

As part of our Health and Safety campaign we’ve been reviewing multiple car seats, from Maxi Cosi to Recarro and of course, this, the Diono Montery 2. Our car safety investigations were spurred by the torrent of news that highlighted some parent’s ignorance of leaving their child unattended in a hot car on a blistering hot day. Many of the …

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Martina Mercer Announced as a Finalist in the National mumandworking Awards!

Martina Mercer is a finalist in the Most Inspirational Business Parent category

The National mumandworking Awards 2014 will be held at ‘Campus London’ on Thursday October 16 and Martina Mercer, is amongst the finalists in the category most inspirational business parent!  These major, high profile awards promote and celebrate those organisations and individuals who are shining examples of how flexible, family-friendly working opportunities empower working parents to achieve their full potential and …

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The Best Electronic Cigarette in the UK

epipe gift set from epuffer

We’re sent a lot of electronic cigarettes, after all it’s the latest craze but there’s one that stands head and shoulders above the rest. They are innovative, sexy and really seem to care about getting people to give up smoking, focusing more on the customer than their marketing message. They take feedback without complaint and act on it, investing heavily …

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Q-Bopz Simply Chic Sound

Like us you’re probably sick of the amount of Bluetooth speakers on offer. They’re everywhere. The only difference between them seems to be the price. Some are quirky and fun, others quite frankly quite bland, so how do you know when you’ve hit upon a bargain? How do you tell the difference and how do you pick the right one …

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