Staying Happy and Safe in the Sun


The weather in the UK at the moment could best be described as changeable. Basically no-one knows what the weather is going to be like from one hour to the next and even the official weather reports seem rather vague. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve sent the boys to school in full coats etc as it was dull, cool and drizzling for them to be stripped off and roasting by home time as the sun has made a late and powerful appearance. The key is to conquering British weather is to be prepared for all eventualities and especially ensure that you and your family aren’t caught out by hot weather.

Sun Cream Protecting our skin from the sun is important regardless of how old or young we are, although children are usually the most vulnerable from sun burn. It takes a very short amount of time for skin to burn and the short and long term issues relating to over-exposure to the sun’s rays are well documented. Make sure you always applying sun cream of an appropriate factor, the higher the better basically, before going out and keep it with you to reapply as necessary.

Aloe Vera, Insect Bite Cream and Boots Allergy Spray There is nothing quite like fun in the sun however summertime is the time when children and adults are most likely to be bitten, stung or touch a plant or similar which doesn’t agree with them. Aloe Vera gel soothes nettle stings and topical rashes while insect bite creams and similar products should be kept on hand to help with pesky insect bites. An insect repellent could help reduce the risk of irritating bites and Boots Allergy Spray works brilliantly for those suffering from allergies such as hay-fever.

Hats When the sun is beating down a hat which covers the head, neck and face as much as possible is a must-have. Kids are well-known for taking off their hats of course although I’ve found letting them choose their own hats, ones they really like (or are “cool”) encourages them to keep them on for longer.

Staying Hydrated It is simple good sense to drink plenty when out in the sun. Make sure everyone has plenty of clear fluids to drink.

First Aid Kit With summer comes climbing trees, running around and falling resulting in grazed knees and cuts and bruises as well as a range of minor injuries. Make sure that your home and travel first aid kits are fully stocked up at all times.

Anatomical Headache Balm Great for the everyday relief of headaches, whether they are brought on by the sun or listening to the kids screaming and laughing constantly in the garden, the Anatomical Headache Balm is compact enough to put in your bag so you may use it for relief wherever you are.

The UK doesn’t tend to enjoy long and balmy summers however if we are to enjoy the sun we do have then we need to ensure that the whole family is protected and well looked after.

If the weather does let us down this summer and outside play is kept to a minimum check out ABCZone for some fabulous and affordable toys, games and activities.

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