Jaw Saw from Worx

You are probably aware that my family loves gardening. A quick trip to www.theyounggardener.com will prove that, however a chainsaw is one item we’ve always avoided ( but needed ).

Our local parish council kept complaining about our conker tree over hanging the public footpath and despite my best efforts with loppers something stronger was needed. Reluctantly I began looking at chainsaws. I’ve heard many horror stories and watched far too many horror movies to consider them to be a family friendly tool. Despite my willpower I just couldn’t do it.

I had visions of chopping my own hands off, of one of the children surprising me while using it and heaven forbid hurting them, I had visions of my husband coming to a sticky end due to slipping on a ladder.

Then I came across the Jaw Saw Telling it like it is! from works, it looks like a giant bottle opener and with the blades inside a casing seems a lot safer too. It’s also more focused allowing for more precise cutting without compromising on the power. It made short work of that conker tree and now we’re back in the vicar’s good books!

The Jaw Saw from Works ticks all the boxes and is actually cheap compared to other Jaw Saws on the market.

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