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Positive Quotes About the Brexit

Whether you agree with the results of the referendum or not, a democracy has won, and the vote is in. We could wax lyrical about the negative aspects, and what this means for Britain, but what’s done is done and so we decided to focus on the positives. Our inbox has been flooded with quotes from industry leaders and so …

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Olympian Comments on Sugar Tax

On behalf of Diane Modahl, Former Olympic and Commonwealth Athlete and Founder and CEO of the DMSF (www.dmsf.co.uk) Following on from the ‘surprise’ sugar tax announcement in yesterday’s Budget – which is set to raise an estimated £520 million and boost sporting opportunities in primary schools and afterschool activities in secondary schools – former Olympian Diane Modahl has passionately expressed …

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Should We Share Maternity Leave?

As Nick Clegg reveals his plans for shared maternity leave I feel a bit sorry for him. There’s absolutely no way he’ll be able to please everyone with the decisions he makes. Either he hands out paid time off like sweeties and lets businesses suffer further or he offers solutions like these which seem to enrage new mothers. Personally, although …

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