Are Homes with Water Meters Pouring Money Down the Drain?

The average UK household with a water meter is at risk of pouring money down the drain, according to research carried out by e-retailer

As the Government looks to roll out the scheme across the country and almost half of UK households now have water meters, every drop of water counts as it’s added to the bill. The survey has revealed the majority of households are underestimating their water usage and are not making a conscious effort to be more water efficient.

66% say the main appliances in their home are more than five years old – indicating the out of date, inefficient household appliances could be grounds for wasted water and in turn, wasted money.

Installing a water meter might seem like the most effective way for families to become more water conscious in order reduce household bills – indeed 2 in 3 (59%) claim to have installed the meter for this very reason and yet, 1 in 3 (32%) said they are yet to feel the financial benefits of the installation.

83% of those households with water meters admit to never using the eco, water efficient setting on their washing machines or dishwasher. Appliances made in more recent years generally offer more advanced eco settings, which can significantly reduce water usage – further supporting the need for modernising appliances in the home.

Mark Kelly, marketing manager at Appliances Direct comments: “As more and more homes in the UK look to install water meters in their homes in a bid to save money, we’re seeing the efforts wasted and often families are left paying more than they were before.

“Households could make staggering savings on water bills by upgrading everyday appliances as modern day dishwashers, shower heads, washing machines, and taps are built to be more economical and offer water meter friendly settings.”

What was also surprising from the research was the amount of households that feel like they are not yet seeing the financial benefit of having a water meter installed on their water bill – an issue that could be resolved by a few making simple changes.

The research also shows how adapting the way families use water in the home can lead to savings. To save water, follow the following simple tips:

  1. When brushing your teeth, remember to turn off the tap in between using it. It’s very easy to leave the tap running, but a running tap wastes 6 litres of water every minute.
  2. Cut down the time spent in the shower by 1 minute every day. This could save a family of four up to 180,000 litres per year.
  3. Catch rain water in a vat in the garden to use for watering plants, rinsing the patio or washing down muddy wellies.
  4. Ensure your dishwasher is fully loaded before turning it on. When buying a dishwasher, ensure that it’s a suitable size for your household; this will help when it comes to filling it. For example, a young professional couple don’t require a family sized dishwasher that uses more water.
  5. When washing up, use a washing up bowl in the sink rather than leave the tap pouring. This can reduce water waste by 50%.
  6. Read the manual that came with your washing machine. There will be settings on your machine that are specifically for energy efficient, everyday cycles.
  7. Steam your veggies rather than boil them. Not only will this help save on water bills, but it’s healthy too.

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