Garden Tools

Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the Air If we’re not mistaken we’re sure we can see the sunshine poking through fat snow clouds out of the office windows. This must mean that spring is in the air and with spring comes summer products, summer shopping and summer customer care. We have a lot of exciting news to come over the next few …

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Jaw Saw from Worx

You are probably aware that my family loves gardening. A quick trip to will prove that, however a chainsaw is one item we’ve always avoided ( but needed ). Our local parish council kept complaining about our conker tree over hanging the public footpath and despite my best efforts with loppers something stronger was needed. Reluctantly I began looking …

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Stewart Variable Propagator Review

Our Stewart Variable Propagator review is complimentary as it allows plants to be started any time of the year without the need for a greenhouse. Generously sized we can’t wait to give our annuals a head start. Right now we’re using it for year round mediterranean herbs. A bit of basil, a touch of coriander and a little bit of thyme. …

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