By Martina Mercer

It’s sad but true that when you get to 30 aches and pains no longer have a reason. It’s a sign of aging and a reminder that we’re not as young as we used to be. Many know this, that’s why relievers are so popular. We were skeptical about one that used tens technology though.

We can’t deny the results, after wearing it while sleeping, we woke without any pain.

Incredible and we’ll definitely use it again!

About Martina Mercer

Martina Mercer is a FMCG PR Specialist journalist and marketer. She combines her psychology and business expertise to deliver public relations and advice on the consumer journey to many big named brands. Her real passion is writing and you'll find her articles and books all over the web along with a few awards she's won, such as The Working Mum of the Year 2014. She always loves to connect and is always open to new opportunities so don't hesitate to get in touch through LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or email. Martina is also the editor of Sunday Woman Magazine the luxury lifestyle mag for over 30 women with a brain :)

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