The Consumer Voice Blacklist of companies you should avoid
The Consumer Voice Blacklist of companies you should avoid


We love championing those companies that get it right but we wouldn’t be your voice if we didn’t warn you against those that have less than satisfactory customer service. Follow the links or contact us to find the full reasons behind the decision.

Boiler Juice

Right Movers or Safe Move (Beware, this company keeps changing its name, we will update every time they do)

Drain 247

Rounthwaite and Woodhead Estate and Letting Agents

Mr Site

The Birth Company ( failure to pay freelancers using lies to avoid payment) along with

Copla Ltd

Full Proof Intelligence

Every company that makes our blacklist has been given ample opportunity to rectify a complaint, to satisfy the customer and to turn a bad situation around.

Only when we’ve tried and failed to make a company see the error of its ways do they make it onto this list. It’s not a decision taken lightly so you know if there’s a brand or business here, you should avoid them at all costs.

Full of those that offer appalling customer care, poor value for money and rogue traders our blacklist is checked by hundreds every day to keep you safe from scams and poor service.

If you have a company you think deserves to be on this list, email us with the reasons why and the communication between you. We’ll first try to find you a satisfactory resolution to your complaint while giving the business another chance to satisfy your consumer needs before placing them here.

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