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How to Choose the Right Removal Company

The Consumer Voice offices have moved a few times, as have our members. From hiring a man and van to spending thousands on a national removal company between us we’ve seen it all. Putting our heads together we now know how to find a removal company that will make the process easier without breaking the bank. Here are our top ...

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Comparing the Big Six Energy Companies

This guest post has been contributed by the energy experts at City Plumbing Supplies. City Plumbing provide boilers and home energy appliances that reduce energy consumption and ensure you make the most of every watt. They have smart room thermostats available along with a range of combi boilers, radiators and more to keep your home running smoothly and comfortably for ...

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How to Ensure You Choose a PPC Agency that Will Make You Money

PPC Agencies

I’ve been spending some time looking into PPC and PPC Agencies. I’m a marketer who tends to avoid PPC as I’ll admit, despite training with Google, I really don’t think I’ve the skills for it. It takes a lot of precision and there are very few companies out there who won’t use a client’s account to “test the market” resulting ...

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The Big Con That is Satellite Internet from BeyonDSL Review

BeyonDSL Review

If you live in a city, you’ve probably never had cause to consider satellite internet or to look up a BeyonDSL Review, your choices are unlimited, but for some, if we want an internet connection, we must pay through the nose for a satellite internet one. When I moved to the Devon forests, I foolishly thought that any connection problems ...

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Half of British Parents Dread Taking Their Children to Their Grandparents’ Homes

A new study from the UK’s leading money-saving brand has revealed the top locations that British parents dread taking their children, with events such as weddings, christenings and even grandparents homes topping the list. According to the poll, 61% of parents admit that their children’s mood sometimes plays a deciding factor in whether or not they will go out. According ...

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Top Tips to Avoid Writers Block

If you write for a living then writer’s block is something to be avoided at all costs. Yet with the pressure of constantly creating ideas sometimes the well can dry up. Luckily, the productivity website Stop Procrastinating conducted a survey with 2000 writers to find out what techniques they use to beat writer’s block. The 25 techniques they writers came ...

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The True Cost of Cheap Botox

We caught up with the best Botox clinic in Hull to discuss the true cost of cheap Botox. Eve Bird is the owner of Botastic and constantly despairs at clients who ask for cheap Botox without any thought to the consequences this could pose for their face. Botox is a trade name for a prescription drug boticilin but is often ...

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Top Tips for Boosting your Broadband

It is without doubt one of life’s most frequent annoyances, whether it happens while gaming online or browsing the web, when a webpage doesn’t load or the buffering symbol interrupts a film. A poor Wi-Fi connection has affected us all and as more and more Wi-Fi routers appear, it is gradually getting worse. The strength of a Wi-Fi connection can ...

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Yodel ‘Delay’ heehoo – Can The Couriers Keep Up?

30 years ago if I were to say the word yodel, people would think of a nice chap half way up a mountain in lederhosen doing his ‘yodelling’, however, now when the word yodel is mentioned people shiver with fear, why I hear you ask? Well, yodel no longer represents the fun loving guys who have the gift of yodelling, ...

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Asda Grocery Website Woes

Living in a fairly rural area I am somewhat limited as to where I may do my “big” shop. Thankfully supermarket companies such as Sainsburys and Asda offer me a wider choice thanks to their online grocery delivery services. Asda is my personal current favourite due to range of foods offered as well as the low prices (although the service from ...

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