Top Tips to Give Up Smoking Naturally

With the new packet designs, it’s a wonder there are any smokers left at all, as the jarring images constantly remind us of the pitfalls of this nasty habit. I’ll admit it, I’m a serial non smoker, I’ve tried almost everything to give up the vice and I’ve succeeded for years, but generally ended up back on the tobacco spice. That was, until now.

See, I know I’m addicted to nicotine and when I give up smoking this is usually the drug that the health authorities focus on, this is the drug that makes it so hard to give up. I’ve tried Champix, which worked once, but when I revisited this, the side effects were too much.

I like the nicotine and I know I must give it up, but it’s not the nicotine that causes the shortness of breath, the heavy heart, the sense of being generally unfit. If it was we’d give up tomatoes and other fruits that contained it. It’s the tar and the chemicals that make smoking such a disgusting habit.


It’s a sin to admit we actually enjoy smoking these days but most smokers do, we love the taste, the experience and we’re loathe to give up the feeling of relaxation. The good news is, we don’t have to.

Blacknote are new kids on the block who have developed an eLiquid made entirely from the tobacco plant. It’s basically like smoking your favourite blend but with all the chemicals and tar taken out. You can choose your nicotine strength allowing you to wean yourself off, and you can enjoy the smoking experience without any of the bad stuff. It sounds too good to be true but it’s not.

They liken themselves to a symphony, an orchestra, to a saxophone, to music, which is odd, but denotes the relaxing experience you’ll enjoy when choosing their eLiquids as a stop smoking aid. Of course, advertising laws denote that eCigarette companies are not allowed to claim they help with giving up the weed, but as a user myself, I can. They have a Virginia blend that is so much like the over the counter cigarettes that you won’t feel as though you’re giving up or making any sacrifice. They really are worth checking out.

We especially love Blacknote as they don’t appeal to kids. There are no cocktail flavours or bubblegum eLiquids. Simply tobacco derived eJuice that mimics that of a real cigarette without any nasty chemicals.

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