Tips for De-Cluttering and Creating Space in Your House

Yvonne Manomano, from has provided us with some useful tips on de-cluttering and creating space in your home.

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Create extra storage: even in the smallest rooms there are always some hidden storage space for example under the bed or a seating bench with built-in cupboards. Another way is to hang hooks on the door and on the back of the wardrobe or hallway door this will create a bit of extra room.

Pretty baskets: get decorative baskets and place them in the bookshelf or on the sideboard. This will help you to clear clutter of smaller items in a cost effective yet stylish way.

Keep spaces clear: try to create a clutter-free zone on the nightstand and sideboard for example. Keep the most necessary items on display in order to make the room look neat and tidy. The ideal is to have a nightstand or kitchen sideboard with a drawer where you can store everything you don’t need to have on display everyday such as books, keys and magazines.

Vacuum storage bags: a perfect way to store seasonal larger soft items such as winter clothes or blankets in your wardrobe. It will save space and protect the pieces from dirt, dust and damp.

Wardrobe Hanger trick: getting rid of old clothes are not that easy, so I use these tested methods; find out what you don’t wear by putting the hangers backwards on the rod and switching them when you wear the item, or put a post-it and remove it once you wear the clothes. This way you will find out what clothes you don’t wear. Donate or organise a clothing swap party for all the unwanted clothes and shoes.

Focus: choose a focal point to begin with, whether it is a certain spot in a room, or the room itself. For example, if you are cleaning and organising a bookcase, clean it until it is done and then move on to the next point to avoid unfinished jobs. If you work from top to bottom and inside outwards, you will also avoid going over the same thing twice.

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