The Leesa Mattress Review

We’ve been reviewing mattresses and seeing if they live up to their claims. Do you really need to only buy one for life? Do they really support every joint while being soft and comfortable too? What is better, memory foam or springs, or should we choose a combination?

Some have readily agreed to let us test these for ourselves. Leesa have nothing to hide and welcome feedback as they believe that once you try the Leesa mattress you’ll never order another mattress again. Are they right? They’re actually spot on.

The Leesa Mattress Review

From the customer service to the aesthetics of the mattress and the comfort in between, this mattress ticked every single box and we’re still loving it. We actually gave this mattress to one of our older readers who suffers from arthritis. We thought this would be best to really put the mattress to the test. Here’s what she said!

“The mattress: love it! The customer service was excellent. I was informed of when they started manufacture right down to ‘we are just putting the finishing touches’. It was delivered exactly on time and packaged extremely well.
Placed on the bed, it unravelled within a couple of hours. The material is so soft it feels like an old favourite blanket, velvety. I really didn’t want to put a sheet over it.
Comfort? It has a mind of its own! Warm night- it felt cool. Cold night-it felt warm and snugly. Soft but firm, no dips or sagging. I slept in on the first night and I am still finding it difficult to leave it on a morning.
Highly recommended.
I forgot to mention how pretty it is.”

The Leesa Mattress wins our Product of the Month Award!

The Consumer Voice Award


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