The Fashion Sites with the Best User Experience

The Fashion Sites with the Best User Experience

As fashion week approaches I’m sure I’m not the only one that is tempted to update my wardrobe. Working during daylight hours I usually browse online. Sometimes, with lesser known sites, this can actually take a lot of time as clunky checkout processes and missing information make it all a confusing experience.

Pet Hates

I’m a stickler for a bargain and so I’ll often browse the clearance and sales rails on every site. A pet hate is when I see something I like only to click and find it’s not in stock in my size. Pressing the back button I then have to scroll again, to be greeted with the same out of stock message. In the end I decide I’ll return when I’m a size 8 (or never!)

It’s All About Me

Then there are the sites that really stand out, that understand it’s all about me and my enjoyment of their site. Clean crisp information, easy navigation, seamless checkout and transition between my favourite media devices.

Who are they?

The top three would have to be:


I’m not rich or famous so I don’t often visit Mulberry with a view to buy. I do, however, like to window shop. The way they present their products makes me feel as though I’ve walked straight into the store and am touching and feeling each one, admiring it from every angle. They also have a lot of detail in the product descriptions which is ideal for a window shopper like me. When I fall in love with an item I can’t afford I will revisit time and again just to reread the features and envisage it in my wardrobe.

I’m also told they have a one page checkout, which is fabulous but I haven’t felt indulgent enough to check it out myself yet.


A little more affordable than Mulberry but still with a great user experience compounded by the ease of transition to their mobile site. If you have an account, it’s quite easy to spend as the clear easy browsing makes adding clothes to the basket simple and quick.


Ok it’s not a retail fashion site but it is one that has migrated from print to the screen seamlessly or so it would seem. In fact I’m sure a lot of hard work and sweat and tears have gone into making the Vogue site so beautiful, clean and easy to use.

Please let us know which fashion site you like best (and not just for the glorious handbags!)

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