epipe gift set from epuffer
The ultimate electronic pipe gift set from epuffer

The Best Electronic Cigarette in the UK

We’re sent a lot of electronic cigarettes, after all it’s the latest craze but there’s one that stands head and shoulders above the rest. They are innovative, sexy and really seem to care about getting people to give up smoking, focusing more on the customer than their marketing message.

They take feedback without complaint and act on it, investing heavily in product development to bring better smoking solutions to the general public. Originating in the US, they are now here in the UK and have a wide range of electronic cigarettes and epipes for you to try.

Like our reviewers you may have tried the electronic cigarette phase. The cigarettes are bulky and they don’t taste very nice. If you smoke roll ups you;re out of luck as in the UK they’re all aimed at those who smoke ready made fags.

ePuffer is different. They have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to mirror that full draw, that ultimate smoking experience and they’ve come up trumps. They have a wide range of options, not just with the smoking apparatus, from cigars to pipes but also with flavours and contents. From liquid to vaporisers they focus on convenience and experience along with the look of the overall product.

We urge you, if you smoke, to give them a go, try ePuffer and see if you feel like you’re sacrificing the enjoyment of the smoke.

We’re pretty sure you’ll be impressed.

For this, we’re handing out our customer service of the month award. They deserve it. We’re quite sure you’ll agree.



You can buy your own at https://www.epuffer.co.uk have a look round the site as there sell much more than pipes.

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