The Best Bedside Lights for All Year Round

We’ve been looking for the best bedside lights and think we’ve found some that are definitely different and a pleasure to own.

These are ideal for children but also look great in an office or fun bedroom.

Here’s our pick of the best.

For The Puzzler

Rubiks Cube

The Rubiks Cube light is amazing, as it seems to shine multiple colours at once. It’s our favourite with the only one equal to it being the Tetris lamp that we reviewed last year. A great bedside light for grown ups and children.

tcv rubiks

You can twist and change the blocks too, making it a real Rubiks Cube.

For The Retro Gamer


The Pac Man light from Paladone cycles through many colours. It’s light and fun while sending you back to your childhood.

tcv pacman light

For The Star Wars Fan

Death Star

Another from Paladone, the Death Star Mood Light won’t light up a room but it will give a low glow that makes it ideal as a night light in a child’s room.

For The Very Kitsch


This pineapple light was featured on Eastenders and is very very kitsch, perfect for a best friend or someone who just “gets it”.

For The Music Lover


This Head lamp can be connected to music to add a new dimension. The lights are bright and colourful and we are quite enamored with it.

For The Disney Addict


Olaf is a light you can take with you, using just 3 AAA batteries, you bounce him on the table and he lights up. A must for all Frozen addicts.

tcv olaf light

For The Sports Fanatic

Converse Sneaker

The Converse Sneaker from Spearmark is bound to be a hit with the kids or in a young funky office. Made of pottery instead of plastic like some of the others it will last and last.

For The Brony

My Little Pony

Smaller than it looks online this is still a super cute light for those who love Twilight Sparkles of My Little Pony from Paladone

For The Force


The Lightsaber attaches to the wall and can be held for fun light saber battles. We always love a product that has a multi function!



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