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Steps for Setting Up Your Office for the First Time

When your business begins to grow you realise the impracticalities of running it from home. Interruptions, lack of storage space and everyday life can get in the way.

Making the decision to move to an office is probably not one you’ve taken lightly, as up until now you’ve probably compromised your comfort so it can seem like a luxury.

There are a few facts to consider when starting your office from scratch.  Easy offices are relatively simple to come by, simply search and you’ll be presented with a list of options, this is when you need to know exactly what you want.

Shared Offices

A shared office or is often the first choice for freelancers. You share your desk space with another on a rota and of course split all the bills. It can be a solution for a small business and can help you ease into the process however if you work fulltime or need space all of your own, it may become quite frustrating as your business grows.

Some office buildings will have areas out aside for those who would like to share. This is a hassle free option as the office will be managed, telecoms will already be in place and you’ll simply have to pay a fee. It takes the stress out of sourcing another to share the load and lets you simply pick up and go when you’ve finished.

You’ll also have the use of a business address that you can use too.

Serviced Offices

A serviced office is a wonderful way to start without any of the hassle. There will already be broadband and telephone lines in place and sometimes even IT equipment. You can move straight in, even before the inks dried on your new business cards. You’ll find the space is cleaned regularly and you don’t have to worry about bills as it’s all included in the price. Serviced offices make an ideal temporary solution however in the long term, depending on your needs, there are more affordable ways to set up a permanent base.

Office Space

Renting your own office space is a permanent solution. You need your own office furniture and will probably need to organise broadband and services. Some office rental companies will rent office space with an IT infrastructure already in place. Some may have a fully staffed reception. It depends on how much or how little you need.

Virtual Offices

One solution that cuts costs and drives growth is virtual offices. These appear as bricks and mortar offices to clients however there will be call answering, mail forwarding and you’ll even receive an impressive business address to use. In most cases there are meeting rooms or offices available should you need to meet clients face to face so you can continue to work from home while presenting complete professionalism at all times.


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