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Shopping for Discounts and the Best Places to Get Them

Shopping for Discounts and the Best Places to Get Them

It will surprise few people to hear that nowadays purchases need to be considered much more carefully than perhaps they would have been in the past. The UK has been hit hard in recent years with the economy failing, people losing their jobs and the prices of everything from gas and electricity, petrol and even food going through the roof. Rather than taking this lying down, many people have decided to instead change the way they spend in order to continue enjoying the things that they have previously and this has been an enormous success.

Searching for discounts which will shave pounds off any type of shopping has becoming a necessity for many and quite pleasurable at the same time. There is a certain type of satisfaction that can be gained from getting something you would usually buy a few pounds cheaper. By being a savvy shopper and searching for discounts you might save as much as hundreds of pounds a year.

Money Saving Websites and Blogs

Saving money has become a hugely popular pastime, a hobby even for some, as well as financially sound idea. On the back of this new-found enthusiasm for savings, many people have set up websites and blogs which chart their discount finding success and where offers and discount information is published. By keeping an eye on one of more of these blogs and sites, you can have money saving and discount information sent directly to your email inbox so that you can save a packet on your shopping.

Loyalty Schemes

Many retailers offer savings schemes where loyal customers are given the option to accrue points which they can later redeem against their shopping or cash in to use for other treats and products. Joining a scheme for a store that you regularly visit not only entitles you to points, it also gives you access to any number of discounts via emails, mailings and in-store promotions. If spending there anyway, why not benefit and build up some extra discounts that you can utilise to save money.

Cash Back Sites

There are a number of cash back sites which will pay you a percentage of the amount you have paid with a selected retailer. This can be seen as a discount as essentially you are paying less for your shopping that you would have done. As cash back can take time to accrue however, another way to use these sites to make more immediate savings on your shopping is to search the retailer lists for your regular stores and see if any additional money off discounts are available. Many retailers will offer extra discounts via these cash back site to encourage you to choose their site or store to shop with.

With a little extra effort anyone can save themselves a significant amount of money on their shopping, by keeping their eyes open for sales and finding money off offers, product discounts and more online. Why pay full price for an item when you can pay less and put the savings towards something else or indeed save it for a rainy day?

Reward Sites

There’s one new kid on the block that is offering customers a chance to save and earn money on everyday products. Simply through sharing their site with friends you can save up to 100% on popular bills such as broadband, home insurance, gas, electricity and telecoms. It sounds too good to be true but it really isn’t. We checked them out, gave them an award and also gave them a guest spot so they can bring you the best advice for saving money on utilities. Visit Money Mate today and save money on utilities the smart way.

About Money Mate

Money Mate help you save and earn money on everyday utilities. Within 12 months you could pay nothing for home insurance, broadband, telecoms and gas and electricity.

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