Ready, Set, Not So Summer! How to Entertain Children in the Rain

This is a guest post from the wonderful guys over at ABCZone. They have lots of educational toys along with arts and crafts at the lowest prices. They also know a thing or two about what kids enjoy too…

Every year we look forward to a bright light summer where the children spend hours in a paddling pool and we get to relax on the grass. At the first sign of sunshine we’re all guilty of rushing out to buy those plastic outdoor toys. The same toys that look wet, bedraggled and a little chewed by the time September comes round.

This year is no different, we’ve already got leaves in the paddling pool and the sand pit is more like a miniature beach- complete with sea. As the rain pours down, we’ve got to think quickly, just how do we keep the kids entertained? Here are some tips on how to entertain children in the rain.

Let’s Go Outside

It’s wet, it’s miserable but it’s not the same as winter rain. You don’t need hats and scarves just a waterproof cagoule. Step outside with the children, put your head up and catch raindrops on your tongue. Splash in muddy puddles, play tag and build a tent. Creep inside and listen to the raindrops as they beat down on the tarpaulin roof and watch from the windows as the thunderstorms make natural fireworks in the sky.

Go Fishing

As long as you check tide times, keep very safe and the rain is just spitting you can catch some great creatures in rock pools. When the tide is out as far as it can go, children will love using a net with a bucket, hopping along the rocks in their wellies.

It’s a beach activity often overlooked as many head to the beach for sandcastles but it’s such a lovely way to play on a rainy day.

It wouldn’t be complete without hot fish and chips straight from the wrapper with plenty of salt and vinegar!

Come Home

One of the best parts of dancing and singing in the rain is coming home. There’s nothing quite like shaking off the raindrops, running a lovely bubble bath to share, slipping into clean pyjamas and snuggling up with hot chocolate in front of the fire.

Careful though, this is such a favourite with children that once they’ve experienced it once, they’ll want to jump in every puddle they see, every time they leave the house.

The Play Park

If you’re a parent you’re familiar with the slide at the playground that doesn’t really slide? You can be the coolest parent ever if you take your children in the rain. Use bin bags over clothes with a hole for the head and arms and let your children go down the slide.

Stand at the bottom as they will go very very fast and may need you to catch them. It may not be best for those under 3 to take part but those over will adore it, and you, for giving them this little adrenalin rush in a world obsessed with health and safety!

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