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Quut Beach Jug – Top Toy of the Month

By Martina Mercer

It’s no secret that we spent a week in Wales last month trying out local days out and testing out holiday toys. One we took with us was this, the Quut beach jug. It looked so simple but we knew it would be a hit in an instant.

We were very lucky with the weather and found a beach nearby exactly like the one in the featured picture (lifestyle shot courtesy of Quut) . Known to many but not to me, this was Barmouth beach. With the sun shining, an empty beach, sand dunes and some crabbing nets, we spent a whole three days having fun and getting wet.

This became Percy’s all time favourite toy. Her, “ball” that she’d carry everywhere. As Mitchell (13) and Poppy (9) built sandcastles they’d sent Percy to the closest rock pool to collect water for the ever decreasing moat. More than a hundred times over these sunny days I heard, “Percy get your ball!”2014-06-12 14.55.27

She loved having control over it and looked proudly on as other children used ordinary buckets (there’s a place for these of course!). A toy that doesn’t take batteries but keeps kids engaged is a winning in our book and we need more of them.

It’s now part of our essential beach pack and will always come with us, we also use it in the bath. So this one’s for you Quut you deserve it, keep on dreaming and coming up with cool gadgets like these!

Top toy award of the month
Top toy award of the month

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