Playmobile Easter Eggs

Playmobile Easter Eggs Review by Martina Mercer

With three children and a very large family the Easter Eggs soon pile up. The cupboards begin to fill and then I added to the chocolatey mountain by baking a million Easter cupcakes and nests and planting small eggs around the garden for an Easter Egg hunt. All three children have very different personalities and very different tastes but one thing I have noticed (this may cause some controversy) is they DON’T LIKE EASTER EGGS! Not for the chocolate anyhow. Chocolate’s quite easy to get hold of, so unless I ban it altogether there’ll never be overexcited again over the thought of receiving a chocolate egg so why do I bother?

The packaging catches their eye as soon as Christmas is over and they start putting in their requests. It’s not the egg that tempts them it’s the extras. Does it have a toy? A mug? A box of chocolates? Extra goodies? That’s what they love, the thought of something extra. The eggs meanwhile are nibbled at and left in the same cupboard until I turn them into cornflake krispie buns sometime in the middle of summer.

That’s why I adore this idea. I used to search high and low for the very large Kinder eggs with the toy inside (they don’t seem to do them anymore) and as a grown up nothing beats the Ferrero bunny but this is incredible for kids. Even my 13 year old son loved it, while my two daughters, 3 and 9 thought it was amazing. They received the pink eggs with a fairy princess inside and soon added it to the play mobil bus they already have.

Cool idea, well received and something that will actually be used after Easter. The egg itself has taken centre stage on the bedroom shelves containing alsorts from Yu-Gi-Oh cards to toy bracelets.

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