New Online Tools Help You Find Out What You’re Owed

You could be owed more tax than you think as some new online tools allow you to find out if you could claim tax back on uniforms, PAYE, self employment, moving out of the country and much more.

Tax Rebate Services have generously released their online tax calculators to the public to help anyone discover if they could be entitled to a windfall.

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The most popular tax rebate calculators are:

Uniform Tax Rebate

Few business owners realise that they can claim a tax refund on their uniforms. The quick online calculator helps employees and employers find out how much they are owed.

PAYE Tax Refunds

There are now more freelancers than ever before in the workplace with many taking the leap from employed to self employed. The PAYE tax calculator helps newly self employed people find out how much they are owed from what they have paid on PAYE tax as an employee.

MOD Tax Rebate

The Ministry of Defence tax rebate calculator is there to help former MOD workers with working out how much tax they are owed. If an MOD employee used their own car while in service they could be owed a substantial tax rebate.

Moving Abroad Tax Rebates

The UK tax calculator helps those who are about to leave the UK or have left the UK in the last few years. Non UK residents could be owed a moderate tax refund if they have emigrated recently.

Tax Rebate Services have also launched other tax refund calculators such as the Tool tax back calculator, the CIS tax refund calculator and the pension tax calculator.

Paul, the owner of the company explains why they now offer these calculators for free, he says, “The people that come to our website have a sneaking suspicion that they may be owed tax back, however they are not sure if the amount is worth pursuing. Tax refunds can take some time and a lot of paperwork and so we launched the tax calculators to help visitors decide if they should continue with a tax refund claim. Often, when seeing our tax calculators, customers realise they could be owed tax refunds from more than one area, this obviously makes employing our services much more profitable, as many are owed hundreds, if not thousands of pounds. It’s the individual’s responsibility to claim any tax back and not that of the HMRC. I do urge anyone who has paid tax over the last few years to visit our website to see if they are entitled to any tax back.”

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UK tax payers can find the free tax rebate calculators online. If one isn’t sure if they are entitled to a tax refund, Tax Rebate Services urge you to give them a call.

With news of online scammers targeting those looking for tax refunds it’s even more important that you choose tax rebate services that have been reviewed and approved by The Consumer Voice.

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