Group Of Friends Relaxing Outside Tents On Camping Holiday

We’re a Nation of Happy Campers, Reveals The Caravan Club

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In a survey of its members, The Caravan Club has discovered that caravanners, motorhomers and happy campers are more likely to feel happy and satisfied with life, and feel less anxious than the rest of the British population.

When asked, 42 per cent of The Caravan Club’s members rated their feeling of happiness as more than nine out of ten compared with the same question posed to the British public by the Office for National Statistics with just 33 per cent responding positively.

Rowland Rivron, musician, writer and happy caravanner confirms the findings, “I would definitely say I was a happy chap, and I definitely love our gorgeous caravan. It’s something about knowing you can just go wherever and whenever it takes your fancy.  Everything, bar throwing a few clothes in the bag, is ready to go.  It’s knowing we have that potential for being outside, free from constraints of a package holiday, at any time.  And at very little cost!”

41 percent of its members also responded with a nine out of 10 when asked about their satisfaction with life compared with just 27 per cent of the UK. Respondents were also revealed to be a less anxious than the average Brit with 47 per cent giving a rating of one out of 10 or less compared to 39 per cent across the country.

Rowland continues, “Freedom always makes people happy; and being outside makes people happy. So it is no wonder that Caravan Club members are a happy bunch!  We have been keen caravanners for 15 years and have to say count ourselves as very happy chaps.  We can just get up and go at any time – the potential keeps a smile on your face all year round.”

The survey also highlighted that The Caravan Club members feel more worthwhile with 48 per cent giving a rating of nine out of 10 in comparison to just 33 per cent of the population.

Nick Lomas, director general, The Caravan Club comments:

“We’ve always known that enjoying the great outdoors can make you happier and now we have the stats to back it up. With the summer holidays now in full swing, those choosing their last minute holiday have the chance to see what a difference being in the open air can make to their overall happiness without breaking the bank.”

The Caravan Club offers its members over 200 Club Sites and 2,500 privately owned places to stay, and provides all members with expert advice, overseas travel services, financial services and exclusive member offers and discounts with companies including Sainsbury’s and Mountain Warehouse.  High standards of customer service to Club members are at the heart of all operations, all adding to the feeling of happiness.

For further information and details on how to join The Caravan Club visit or book a tent pitch online

The Caravan Club’s 2014 survey received 3,687 responses from its members and is compared to the office for National Statistics – Personal Well-being in the UK 2014 survey results.

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