Little Helper Cooking Pod

Little Helper Cooking Pod Review

At home all three children have been brought up cooking with me. Many friends look on in despair as I ignore the mess and let the kids pull up a chair. My nine year old and thirteen year old can now follow a recipe and cook with very little mess however my two year old is still learning and so mess is what she does best.

I don’t mind, it makes it fun and she’s learning all the time. She’s actually quite good at helping me when I need to add a little egg at a time to a choux pastry mix or flour to a biscuit dough. She’s also amazing at cutting out shapes and rolling pastry. Of course she likes to experiment.

She’s used to pulling up a chair to help with the cooking. Previously the other two would sit on the counter, however ours right now isn’t very deep and so it leaves little wiggle room. The chair isn’t ideal either. It can slip on the ffloor tiles and it is quite wobbly. I’ve caught her a couple of times when she’s become engrossed in baking and walked off the edge to get closer.

This is why I adore the cooking pod. At first I thought she’d be reluctant to use it but she was so overjoyed to have a pod of her own this didn’t even crop up. Now she demands the pod every time we bake, and as the step is on the highest level right now I can imagine she’ll be using it for a long time to come.

This isn’t the only bonus. I am absolutely rubbish at DIY. So much so that I never have to nag my husband to do DIY round the house as all I have to say is, “I’ll have a go at it” and he does the job double quick to save me making a bigger mess. I was determined to put this together though, and I did, in ten minutes without any powertools sat in front of the TV, with my toddler passing the Alan keys.

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