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When the CEO and editor of The Consumer Voice told us she would be shortly packing up her large home and home office in North Yorkshire and travelling with her husband, three children, a dog and a variety of other pets to a new location down in Devon we offered to write this guest post for her.

Moving home may be stressful and is no doubt expensive however when relocating you are offered a unique opportunity to start fresh with new rooms, new decoration, new colours, styles and accents and of course new furniture. Moving house also offers everyone the chance to completely review how organised their homes and therefore their lives are. These organisation tips for Martina’s new home will be just as useful to anyone relocating and wishing to organise their spaces better.

Clear the Clutter
When starting to pack for the big move most people vow to declutter along the way however when it comes to the long hard chore that is getting every room bagged and boxed up may sometimes seem easier to just take it all and sort it at the other end. It rarely gets sorted at the other end as you are equally keen to unpack and regain a sense of normality and so a large amount of unnecessary “stuff” remains.

Don’t put off decluttering, not only will it mean you have less to pack and up packed; it also means that you will have a better idea of what storage furniture you truly need for your new space.

Go Modular
Our modular office furniture and bedroom furniture especially have proven very popular with people wishing to properly organise all of the rooms in their home so that everything has its own space, a place where it belongs and so a place where it may tidied away. Modular furniture enables you to put together furniture which works for you rather than you choosing furniture which you hope will fit everything in.

Taking control of your home and office organisation will mean that when working, be this a home-run business or homework that everything that is needed is at hand. This also increases productivity and ensures the work space remains looking tidy.

Scope out Your Space
Some furniture is essential on moving in however it may be wise to make do and mend for a month or so after moving in before kitting out the home with new pieces.  The focus of a room changes and shifts as your lifestyle alters and your family grows. In the first few weeks of living in a new home it pays to let the dust settle and see where you spend the majority of your time and what objects look best where before going shopping.

Giving yourself this extra time to get to know your home will also allow you to identify problem areas such as where items tend to congregate instead of being put away and what storage options you really need to be looking at.

Good luck with your move Martina! When you are all settled in and have spent time getting to know your space let us know if we can help with your furniture, storage and organisational needs.

JustOriginalsIn make bespoke solid wood furniture for your home, from the highest quality wood from Justin’s workshop in Devon. You can find handmade shoe benches, custom made spice racks and much more..

About Martina Mercer

Martina Mercer is an award winning freelance digital marketer and copywriter. She founded The Consumer Voice on just £4.99 and now delivers expert consumer advice as the Consumer Voice's spokesperson on the BBC.

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